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Barnard Town Hall - 115 North Road, Barnard, VT, United States

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Summer Youth Theater Presents "Seussical!" 
By Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty

Directed by Ryan Paige

The irreverent Cat in the Hat and his side-kicks (Thing One and Thing Two) lead this journey through the magical Jungle of Nool where Horton the Elephant discovers the vulnerable world of Whoville, a microscopic planet living on a speck of dust. Meanwhile, Who child Jojo is sent off to a military school (headed by General Genghis Khan Schmitz) for “thinking too many thinks." The plot thickens around Horton, as not only must he protect the Whos (Jojo, Jojo’s Mayor parents, and the many Whos of Whoville) from a world of dangerous naysayers (The Wickersham Brothers, The Sour Kangaroos, Vlad Vladikof) but he must guard an abandoned egg, left in his care by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird, who disappears from the jungle with her band of bird girls. Although Horton faces ridicule, danger, kidnapping and an all-characters trial presided by authoritarian Judge Yertal the Turtle, Horton’s intrepid admirer, Gertrude McFuzz, never loses faith in him. The powers of friendship, loyalty, family and goodwill are challenged in this boisterous musical and ultimately emerge triumphant. “A person’s a person no matter how small!”

Our Cast:

Anabelle Park -Jojo
Averie Zitterkopf- Thing Two, Blueberry Kang and Thing One
Caeden Perreault- Birdie 3, Fish
Charles Park- Jungle Creature, Circus Performer
Coco Mueller- Who, Hunch
Django Farinas- Cat in the Hat
Finn Liland- General
Grace Perreault- Birdie 2, Fish
Harriet Crowley- Jungle Creature, Fish, Circus Performer
Hayden Howe- Yurtle the Turtle, Vlad Vladikoff, Hunch
Izzy Cellini- Mayzie
Jaylin Sullivan- Jungle Creature, Circus Performer
Jane Malcomson- Sour Kangaroo
Joan Ringenberg- Young Kangaroo, Circus Performer
Leah Paige- Wickersham 2, Circus Performer
Lux Ringenberg- Mrs. Mayor
Lucy Davis- Wickersham 1, Circus Performer
Marlena Farinas- Birdie 1, Fish
Millie Mueller- Who, Hunch
Monet Nowlan- Gertrude
Natalie Davis- Who, Cadet
Nat Holland- Wikersham 3, Circus Performer
Nick Cellini- Mr. Mayor
Nicholas Cordiano- Who, Cadet
Sig Liland- Who, Cadet
Sola Minotti- Horton

August 5th-7th

8/5 Friday: 7pm
8/6 Saturday: 2pm & 7pm
8/7 Sunday: 2pm  


$15 - adults

$10 - 12 and under


Barnard Town Hall Theater 

Performance Info:

This performance of Seussical features a live orchestra, plus creative, original costuming, set design and choreography. 

Covid Safety:
Windows will be open and masks are required in the audience.


    115 North Road, Barnard, VT, United States (Get Directions)